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Name: Gilly Gilchrist
Character: Seaman Randall


Rigth now I'm trying to get some info together
Please check back soon to see wha's new

Q's and A's

(a big thanks to Mr Gilchrist for taking the time to fill out my questionaire)

Full Name: Gilly I. Gilchrist

Nicknames: Gilly

Birthday: Nov. 22nd 1961

Are you single/datingmarried: Happily betrothed

Bad habits: Smoking

Hobbies: Fishing-water skiing-diving-windsurfing

Funniest thing to happen on the Hornblower set:
You're far too young to hear that !!

Did you ever read any of the Hornblower books before doing the Hornblower movies? No.

How did you like playing 'Randall'? Thoroughly Enjoyed him.

Do you think he had a first name? Yes. Obidiah.

What did you think of him when you first read the script?  Loved the period setting of the piece. Dilamatic times.

What's your favorite scene in the Hornblower movies? Unfortunately I haven't
seen them yet.     

Was it fun playing him? Yes!


Color: Purple

Music: Real Music

Book: Lanark by Alistair Gray

Flower: Thistle

Kind of food: Curry

Fruit: Melons

Pizza Toppings: Chillied Haggis

Vegetable: Turnip

Ice-cream flavor: GLENMORANGIE

Movie: Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Actor: Oliver Reed

Actress: Katheryn Howden

Saying: Every day above ground is a good day.

Do you....

Cook: Yes

Dance: Are you asking?

Sing: Yes

Wear glasses or contacts: Yes- glasses for reading

Drink Coffee: Never

Drink Tea: Yes

Collect Anything: Guitars

Have any pets: No

Agent's Info:
44 Perryn Road
London W3 7NA

Tel: 020-8749 7692

Gilly Gilchrist aka Randall

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Back of the Picture at the top of this page :@ ) a *big* thanks to Mr Gilchrist for taking the time to write back, fill out the questionaire and the picture !