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The Grand Turk aka The Indefatigable

The Grand Turk is a replica of an 18-century Man of War and was launched in Marmaris, Turkey on 12 August 1997. During the building more than 250 cubic metres of timber were used, employing the skills of 60 local craftsmen and 30 specialist shipwrights, riggers and
engineers from the UK.

The Grand Turk starred in the series of Hornblower as the British ship 'Indefatigable' and the French ship
'Papillon'. This dual role was achieved by painting one side red to represent 'Papillon' and the other side yellow to represent 'Indefatigable'.

The Gand Turk also starred in Longitude.

Port of registry: London, UK
Official number: 900582
Organisation: Turk, Phoenix Ltd.
Total sail area: 8500 sq. feet
Air draft: 117 feet (35m)
Length overall: 152 feet (46.30m)
Length waterline: 97 feet (29.56m) 
Hull length: 119
feet (36.40m)
Beam: 34 feet (10.36m)
Draft: 10 feet (3.04m)
Materials: wood, iroko, mahogany
No. Crew (voyage): 28
No. Crew (proof): 16
Gross tonnage: 314MT 

The Official Grand Turk Site - w/ info on what it was like in Nelson's times and the production of Hornblower

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