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Ioan Gruffudd aka Horatio Hornblower
Unfortunately he was away filming when I sent my questionaire, but Mrs Gruffudd (his mom Gill) says she's sure it would be fine with him if I included him . So I am getting together my info on hm now :@ )

"...The shoes have a bit of a heel, and it's a strange sensation for a man. Especially when you're running." He mimes a mincing trot. "I am mighty Hornblower! Watch me run like a girl!"
  Ioan on the shoes he had to where for HH -from Nov. 99 Minx

Here  is a list (with as much info as I can find) of Ioan's credits

1987-1992  Pobol Y Cwm (People of the Valley in English) ....Gareth Wyn
1994  Austin ...Defi Lewis (?)
1996  Double Exposure- A Relative Stranger...Nigel Fraiman
William Jones ...Arfon (I have no info on this)
1996   A Mind to Kill (and the Welsh version : Yr Heliwr (The Hunter) Episode: Strange Territory)  ...Karl Stranger
1996   Poldark ...Jeremy Poldark
1998   Horatio Hornblower: The Even Chance/The Duel   ....... M'Man Horatio hornblower
1998   Horatio Hornblower: The Examination for Lieutenant/The Fire Ships ....... M'man HH
1998   Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and The Devil                    ......M'man/Lt HH
1998   Horatio Hornblower: The Frogs and Lobsters/The Wrong War ........ Lt HH
1999   The Priory (episode # 1.6 aired: 12/14/99) .... himself 
1999   Great Expectations...... Pip
1999   Warriors (aka Peacekeepers on BBC America) ......John Feeley
1999   Love in the 21st Century (UK TV Mini-series episode: Masturbation)...... Jack
1999   Gwr y Gwyrthiau (The Miracle Maker in Welsh)......... The Voice of Jesus
2000   Canrif o Brifwyl 1999-2000 (A century of Festival in Welsh)....... Narrator
2000   Extreme Lives....... Narrator
2001   Extreme Lives ...... Narrator
I know he's been on a lot of talk shows , but I am trying to get a list of them :@ )

1997   Wilde .......John Gray
1997   Titanic ....Fifth Officer Lowe
1998   Solomon and Gaenor.......Solomon
2000   102 Dalmations..............Kevin Shepherd
2001   Another Life.........Freddie Bywater (release date sketchy)
2001   Very Annie Mary .......Nob (to be released June 2001 , Matthew Rhys is in it as well)
             Ioan on VAM :
  When Sara Sugarman asked us to come in and read for
Very Annie Mary, because we live together Matthew and
I do these 'camp Valleys boys' anyway, so we just went
into the audition and did those caricatures. She
obviously loved it. We had to improvise a little bit
on set but because we knew each other so well we both
knew exactly where we were. We did about 10 days work
altogether and it was just a blast, really. They're
cameo roles and I think everybody will be having a
good laugh at our expense. They are comedic parts and
we wanted them to be believable as well.
             Matthew on VAM:
A scream. Dangerous. Because we've got so much
history maybe we were in danger of going over the top,
I don't know. Maybe some people think we have. It was
just like being at home messing about in the flat. We
do have a few characters that we like to mess about
with. These two established themselves on the tube
ride we used to do to college and back everyday, and
we went from there. And because you have that media
history you just run with it. It was a gift really.
Q: Did it worry you that people might think
you were a gay couple in real life?
Matthew :
No, not at all. In all honesty there have been the
rumours which we have heard. What do you do? You
laugh. Good luck. No, they are a light-hearted couple
in the film. Even if we played a couple who the film
centred around and it was a serious piece and they
were lovers, if the work's good and we want to do it,
we'll do it.
2001   Shooters, A Nasty Little Gangster Film (no release date yet-also with  Matthew      Rhys in it)
2001   Happy Now? .....Max Bracchi-policeman (supposed to be released the end of 2001)
          Ioan on Happy Now? : I  play a detective who thinks he's a cowboy and
               loves the programme Bonanza! I drop the  stetson but I do get to wear cowboy                     boots and a long ranger's coat, so that's cool.
2001   Black Hawk Down ......Ranger Beale- a pilot

The Decameron  (The only info I have on this is that it was a play at the Gate Theater)
Untitled Nick Ward Play (I have no info on it)

Breuddwyd Rhy Bell..... Wolf Tone 
Fi A Fe........... Dylan 
Y Fflam 
(I have no info on these except what's above)

2001  BBC Radio Cymru  Showbusnesan award for Best Actor

Full Name: Ioan Gruffudd (as far as I can tell) (say Yo-an Griffith)

Birthday: October 6th , 1973 in Cardiff,. Wales

Height : 5' 11"

Family: Dad- Peter; Mum- Gillian; Brother -Alun  and Sister-Siwan

Hair color : brown

Eye Color: brown

He's single

He and his mate Matthew Rhys share a house together in London where they now  live (when not away filming)

Ioan on the first time he and Matthew met :
I first met Matthew when I came down from Aberdare
to school at Ysgol Melyn Gruffydd in Whitchurch,
Cardiff, and Matthew was in the year below me. We were
always friends outside school, in Chapel and Sunday
School. The first memory I have is playing on the
school yard and when it was snowing. It was the
seventh year against the sixth year and Matthew chased
after me and pelted me with snow and made me cry,
which I was so embarrassed about because he was a year
younger than me. After Ysgol Glantaf I went to RADA
and he came a year later and we shared a flat. We
still do eight years later.

Mathhew on the first time they met:
We didn't get off to the best of starts. We were
thinking about this the other day. It was a snowball
fight. He ended up running away and I ended up going
after him and hacking him to the floor. I tripped him
and he started to cry and I panicked because I'd made
someone cry.   
                          -Ioan and Matthew from Western Mail 21/05/01

He enjoys watching rugby (Wales' team is his fave -duh!)
What do you do in your free time?
IG: Well, there's a big game coming up in Wales. Wales is playing England in a rugby match, and that's one of my big passions. And that's coming up on the third of February, so it's very close, and already I'm starting to feel the excitement about it. I know it sounds pathetic, getting excited about a match, a game. - From A&E's interview with Ioan after the new movies .

Ioan on Hornblower :
Have you read the books and which one is your favorite?
IG: I have read them all, and Hornblower and the Hotspur I like a lot.

Of all the films, which has been you're favorite and why?
IG: Of the first series, I love The Frogs & the Lobsters. In that movie, Hornblower has developed into more of a man, I think, compared to when he first arrives. And I enjoyed the location and story and action.

How would you describe Hornblower's personality?
IG: He's a very cerebral sort of character. Where I sort of act on instinct and emotion, he's very cerebral, very thought out, very clear. He's compassionate towards everybody and towards his cause and towards the fight for justice against injustice. He's very loyal. I think he's charming because of that. He is vulnerable. He's very human and very heroic. He is heroic because he is so human. People find that amazing, extraordinary. He's got this ability of getting people to do things they don't necessarily want to do by instilling confidence in them, and not shouting at themhe's not a leader in that sort of sense.

How much of Ioan would you say comes out in the character of Hornblower?
IG: Well, I suppose quite a lot. It's difficult not to, because it is me playing him. This is going to sound egotistical, because he's such a brilliant character, but I suppose there are aspects like the loyalty and the compassion and the honorable aspects of him that I think I possess. But as I said, I'm probably more instinctive and emotional than he is. Also, Hornblower is tone deaf, and I'm actually quite musical. Hornblower is scared of heights, and I'm not really that scared. But we do both get the same seasickness feeling. But I don't actually get physically sick. But I get that sort of feeling.

Of all of the locations you've worked in so far, which one has been your favorite and why?
IG: Menorca [Spain]. Portugal was fantastic as well. Just the fact that you could go swimming in the Mediterranean at the end of every day was a bit of a treat.
                        - From the A&E Interview

Others on Ioan :
The danger is I'll sound very sycophantic but he's
got a lot of good characteristics and it's hard to
separate his best. He's nice. It sounds cr@p but he
is. He has the most open generous personality and is
honest. Immense loyalty as well. 
                              -his best mate Matthew Rhys

We get on very well anyway, Ioan and I, which is always helpful. We're always having fun on the set. But also, I think the fact that they are slightly different does help.
Tell me about working with Ioan. Have you kept in touch since the last episodes were shot?
RL: No. Don't want to see him. Actually, that's not true. I did Richard III in Cardiff where Ioan was born, and his parents wrote to me and offered me to come over, because they knew I looked after Ioan. I was very much a fatherly figure. Now he looks after me.
-Robert Lindsay (Capt. Pellew)

here's my signed pics (I'll be putting up my signed pic of Ioan as HH soon)
click on it to see it full size
Pics of Ioan as HH

from the 4-7-01 TV Guide
PIcs that just make us go gaga :
Ok, so this last one probably doesn't make you go gaga, but I had to put it up :@ ) (Ioan at around 12 or so)

I'm working on getting the links together now :@ )

The Ioan Gruffudd FAQ

ioan & his best mate Matthew Rhys