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Jamie Bamber aka Archie Kenneddy
My Jamie Drawing (coming soon)
"When I was four. I played the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ
directed by my Mum who was an actress. But in later years: I never admitted it to
anyone properly until I got into LAMDA (Drama School) in 1996. I never wanted
to appear an impractical dreamer-something; which young, aspiring actors can
invariably seem to be." - Jamie Bamber

Full Name : Jamie St John Bamber Griffith
Nick Names: Bambini
Are You married/dating/single:single
Bad Habits: The odd drink too many
Funniest Thing to Happen on the set: ~blank~
How did you like playing Kenneddy: Loved it, except when wet, cold and off camera

Color:  Blue/Green
Book:Donte's Commedian
FLower : Iris
Kind of Food: Risotto
Fruit: Peach
Pizza Toppings: anchovies, olives , capers
Vegetable: paship
Icedream Flavor: Pistachio
Kind of Pie: Steak and Ginness
Movie:American Beauty
Actor: Kevin Spacy , Cary Grant , Marlon Brando , Micheal Gambon
Actess:Jody Foster , Judi Dench
Saying: You've got to be in it to win it

Do You.....
Cook: Not well enough
Dance:   "          "
Sing:     "          "
Wear glasses or contacts:No
Drink Coffee: A bit. After a good dinner
Drink Tea: occationally
Collect anything: ~blank~
Smoke: No
Get Sea Sick: No
Have any pets:No

~he notes: I'm sure about my food related answers, the rest I'll change my mind on daily !

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2000 Ladey Audley's Secret...........George Talboys
2001 Bob Martin........ (ep: Big BReak)  character Info
2001 Band of Brothers (HBO)..........Lt Jack Foley (not official site)
April 22 2001  TV Guide Channel's Ask The Stars
2001  Peak Practice..............Dr Matt Kendal

1995 Shifting Sands......................Bean
(if you're wondering what happend to Jamie being in Carolina he isn't in that cos he's doing
Peak Practice)

The Crucible
Twelfth Night
Blood Wedding
Volpone (all the above at school and Cambridge)
I am looking up info on any other plays he might have done

2000 Richard II - Jamie performed the part of Henry Percy (Hotspur)
I don't have any dates for the following programs that he's done :
The Bell -Toby
Nicholas Nickleby-Lord Verisopht in this production

So, what is Kenneddy's role in the books by C.S. Forester ?
Not a very big one :@ ( As far as I know he's only in the first book (Mr Midshipman Hornblower) . Here is the part with Archie in it :

Midshipman Hornblower was walking the lee side of the quarterdeck, as became his lowly station as the junior officer of the watch, in the afternoon, when Midshipman Kennedy approached him. Kennedy took off his hat with a flourish and bowed low as his dancing master had once taught him, left foot advanced, hat down by the right knee. Hornblower entered into the spirit of the game, laid his hat against his stomach, and bent himself in the middle three times in quick succession. Thanks to his physical awkwardness he could parody ceremonial solemnity almost without trying.

"Most grave and reverend signor," said Kennedy. "I bear the compliments of Captain Sir Ed'ard Pellew, who humbly solicits Your Gravity's attendance at dinner at eight bells in the afternoon watch."

"My respects to Sir Edward," replied Hornblower, bowing to his knees at the mention of the name, "and I shall condescend to make a brief appearance."

"I am sure the captain will be both relieved and delighted," said Kennedy. "I will convey him my felicitations along with your most flattering acceptance."

Both hats flourished with even greater elaboration than before, but at that moment both young men noticed Mr. Bolton, the officer of the watch, looking at them from the windward side, and they hurriedly put their hats on and assumed attitudes more consonant with the dignity of officers of holding their warrant from King George.

(c) 1950 by C. S. Forester

Bamber's interest in acting was first nurtured at St Paul's , an all-boys school in Barne....but he had an ulterior motive."It meant I could do plays with pupils from the nearby grils' school-definitely an incentive. The shows were quite lavish and I really enjoyed them. I knew acting was for me"
  -from the April 21-27th (2001)  issue of The Saturday Express

Gush club: The Crumpeteers (long story, but I will eventually get it up here); our names for him: le Crumpet (am I forgetting any?)

Ain't he a cutie ??

Jamie St John Bamber Griffiths was born on April 3rd, 1973 in a suburb of London called Hammersmith to Ralph (native of  Detroit , M.I.) and Elizabeth (native of Northern Ireland).
Sibs: 5 Brothers and 1 Sister (I think his sister is younger than he)
School: St. Paul's School (all bys school)
            St. John's College
            Cambridge (he earned a 1st Class M. A. Honors in Modern                                   Languages)
             London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) (1996-97)
Hair:dirty blond/strawberry blond (we can't figure out which !)
Eyes: Blue :::Swoon THUD! picks self up off deskand composes                            self:::
Hieght: 5' 9" ish
~ Other Interesting Facts ~
*He is a US Citizen (like I said before: his dad is from MI)
*He likes Enimen's music (he says "The best lyricist I've
heard in years; I think he's more ironic than people think")
*He travels quite a bit in te states