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Nicholas Jones aka Lt Buckland

Movies: HH2: Mutiny and Retribution

Character : Lt Buckland (1st Lt aboard the HMS Renown). After being in the British Navy for 22 years, Lt Buckland is reluctant to take command -and who would blame him?-  at first and at once feels the burden weighing heavy on him. After talking to Col. Ortega he begins to feel a jealous of Hornblower (hence him sending Hornblower to set the charges by himself and then not waiting around to pick him up -if he survives).

My comments: Mr Jones has done an excellent job of bringing Lt Buckland to life, right out of the pages of C.S. Forester's Lt Hornblower !

Q's and A's
(a big thanx to Mr Jones for taking the time to fill out my questionaire and sending it back!)

Full Name: Nicholas Jones

Nick Names: --------

Birthday: 3-4-46 (Day/Month/Year)

Are you single/dating/married: (dating and married are crossedout)

Bad Habits: Yoghurt Icecream

Hobbies: Kick Boxing

Funniest thing to happen on the Hornblower set : Accidental                                          Mispronounciation (malapropisms) always made me laugh.

Did you even read any of the Hornblower books before doing the movies ?  If so, do you have a favorite? All of them. My favorite was the second .

How did you like playing Lt Buckland ?: My Trousers Were Uncomfortable

Do you think he had a first name?: Yes, I've forgotten it

What did you think of him when you first read the script ?: a human being a                                                                                              real person

What's your favorite scene in the Hornblower movies?: Stormy Weather

Was it fun playing him? : I was very happy

Color: Blue

Music: Silence

Book: Patrick O'Brians Seafaring Collection (Jack Aubroy & Stephen                          Maturin)

Flower: Lily

Kind of Food: Fried Tofu

Fruit: Golden Delicious

Pizza Toppings: Extra Olives

Vegetable: Spinach

Icecream Flavor: Vanilla

Movie: The Godfather

Actor: Jack Nicholson

Actress: Cher

Saying: Oh well! But hey!

Do you .......
Cook:  Very Well

Dance: Incredibly well

Sing: Appalingly Badly

Wear Glasses of contacts: ~blank~

Drink Coffee: Yes

Drink Tea: Yes

Collect anything: Motor Bikes

Have any pets: I had a red setter called Griff

Credits *note* this list is in no way complete, I am still gathering info on many of the projects below . As of now I have no date or charcter info for much of his work.


Seasons at Liverpool Everyman and Bristol Old Vic
Stagestruck (The Mill at Sonning)
The Recuiting Officer (Oxford Playhouse)
Flight (RNT)
The Second Mrs Tanqueray (RNT)
Major Barbara (RNT)
Wild Honey (RNT)
She Stoops to Conquer (RNT)
Hated Nightfall (Royal Court and tour)
The Deep Blue Sea (Almeida and West End)
The Hallelujah Boys (Duchess)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (RSC)
The Family Reunion (RSC)
Naked Justice (no info)

This Year's Love
Black Beauty
The Velvet House
Daisy Miller
The Block House
When the Whales Came
Gare au Male

The Beggar Bride
A Dance to the Music of Time
A Touch of Frost
Circle of Deceit
Kavanagh QC
Sharpe's Company
Unnatural Causes
Lipstick on Your Collar
Sam Saturday
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
A Dangerous Man
For the Greater Good
Come Home Charlie and Face Them
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
Vote for Them
After the War
A Penny for Your Dreams
District Nurse
The Price
Slip Up
Trelawney of the Wells
Our Mutual Friend
The Little Minister
Private Affairs
Flame Trees of Thika
Lillie Langtry
Anna Karenina
The Canterville Ghost
Z Cars
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Strauss Family
Seasons of the Year
But Now They Are Fled
The Expert
Twelfth Night
2001  Hornblower: The Adventure Continues ..........Lt Buckland

Agent's Info:
13 Radnor Walk
           SW3 4BP

Tel: 020-7352 2200

Reply info: I got a reply from Mr Jones (obviously!) about 1-2 month after I wrote him at the above address. The reply included: a signed picutre (see bottom of page) and my questionaire (filled out).

This Page last updated : 9-25-01