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Sean Gilder (aka Styles)

A big thanks to Mr Gilder for taking the time to fill ou my questionaire thingy !

Full Name : Sean Gilder
Nick Names: None
Are You married/dating/single:Dating
Bad Habits: None!
Funniest Thing to Happen on the set: Too many to think of one
How did you like playing Styles: Very much-it was always fun working                                                                            with all the other actors and the crew

Color: Green
Book: "Under Western Eyes" By Joseph Conrad
FLower :Rose
Kind of Food:EVERY TYPE!!!
Pizza Toppings:Anchovy
Icecream Flavor:pistachio
Movie:Apocolypse Now
Actor:Al Pachino
Actess:Katherine Hepburn

Do You.....
Sing:Badly !
Wear glasses or contacts:no
Drink Coffee:yes
Drink Tea:yes
Collect anything:no
Smoke:afraid so
Get Sea Sick:no
Have any pets:no
If you'd like to send Sean Mail, write to:
c/oScott Marshall Management
     44 Perryn Rd
     London W3 7NA

                His Birthday is Mach 1st , 1964
The only site on the web about Sean, with info and updates from the man himself !
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