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Terence Corrigan aka Henry Wellard
Unfortunately there isn't much at all known about Mr Corrigan.  But here is what I do know :

Agent's Address:  c/o Hamilton Asper Management
                                  Groud Floor
                                  24 Hanway Street
                                                   W1T    1UH
It's been about a month and nothing back yet :@ (

Age: 22-ish
Nationality: Irish
Hair Color : brown
Eye color: Brown

What other people think about him:

Hobbs is a bully towards Wellard, he's horrible in that respect. It's great fun doing the scenes. It's always good fun. Poor Terrence is a fabulous actor. He's only 21, and he has a terrible giggle when he's trying to be serious. So, we have good laughter in the scenes. Hobbs is like that school bully kind, really nasty sort of streak, picking on the small guy. I can't defend Hobbs there, he's just an out-and-out bully, and he should be shot. (Laughs) But Wellard gets his own.
                                                       -Phillip Glenister


1997 Midsomer Murders ( Death's Shadow)....Charles Jennings (episode # 3.1 aired:1/20/1999)
1997 Midsomer Murders (Dead Man's 11)....Charles Jennings (episode # 4.1 aired: 9/12/1999 )
2001 Hornblower: Mutiny  ........ M'Man Wellard
2001 Hornblower: Retribution ...........M'Man Wellard

2000 Best ............ Young Best -Click here to see a click from best (Terence palys soccer in it I believe)

Quarantine...........Christ (????)

Terence in Dead Man's 11                           

Terence's Gush Club : The Brown Eyed Wonder Brigade (BEWBies-yes we are in the gutter a lot-we even have 'Gutter Royalty'), Wellard's Midshipgals (or Midshipwomen);
our nick-names for Terence: Giggle Cookie. Cuz he giggles
and well, he's just a cookie, what can I say?-Kasey (didn't know you'd be quoted did you?), TollHouse Morsel, Wellie, Brownie


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