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Samuel 'Sam' West   aka Major Edrington, Earl of Edrington
Email Group/Gush Club
         and Fan Mail Info
Q' and A's

I have  just started working on Mr West's page, just bear with me (things have been crazy around my house lately).
Thanx to Jami's Sam West Page for the portrait of Major Edrington.

I don't think Sam's Gush club has a name , I'll check.

if you'd like to join the Sam West email group (on which *he* posts every once in a while)

ok, in his last post Mr West kindly answered a few questions for us , one of them conerning his fanmail (here's what he had to say):

I'm shamed into admitting that I'm way behind with requests for autographed photos at the moment, but they WILL get done.  I  frequently answer letters several years late, so if you have asked for one, try not to give up hope until one of us dies.
(Sam West  9-4-01)

It gives us so hope at least......
(here's his fanmail addy just in case you're wondering)

Samuel West
c/o Peters, Fraser and Dunlop
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
Wc2B  5HA

For more info on Mr West you can check out his agent's web site :